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Lawyer’s fees are stipulated by Regulation No. 177/1996 Coll., as amended.

1. Contractual fee:

- for the entire case, or another method of determining the fee:
- charging an hourly rate according to the number of hours worked
- lump-sum fee; in the case of continuous provision of legal services to companies, it is also possible to agree to a fixed monthly fee
- % fee

2. Non-contractual fee:

It is determined according to a tariff depending on the number of legal service acts. It is usually used where it is possible to determine a tariff value that serves as the base for the calculation, and the value of the legal service act is calculated based on this. For example, if a client decides to recover the amount of CZK 1 million, the tariff value will be CZK 1 million, and from this amount the value of a legal service act is CZK 12,300. The client will be charged according to the number of acts that the lawyer performed in the case – for example, one legal service act is acceptance of the case, another act is discussing the matter with the counterparty, another is filing the lawsuit, another is participation in negotiations, another is filing an appeal, etc.; the number of acts varies case by case. Another case is, for example, if a client decides to sell a plot valued at CZK 1 million. Here, just like in the previous case, the tariff value is CZK 1 million and the price per act is CZK 12,300. Here, instead of the drafting of an action, an act will be the drafting of the purchase agreement, etc. A fixed amount of CZK 300 is also always added to each act. Depending on the complexity, non-contractual fees can be increased, in exceptional cases also decreased.