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Law Firm Prague - What we offer

We will provide you with legal services on a professional level.

Each of us is an expert in his or her field. That is why you should not hesitate to contact our legal firm, which will help you avoid unpleasant situations and solve problems that have already occurred.

Offer for entrepreneurs:

We are available to handle legal problems associated with running your business. We will provide a legal platform for your business and we will help you solve problems that arise in your business activities. The basis for successfully running a company is always the problem prevention phase, which is facilitated by well-prepared contracts drafted by a lawyer; this also includes the negotiation of good contractual terms, where involvement of a lawyer is also useful. A lawyer will also draw your attention to legislation, possible solutions as well as potential dangers in your field of business. We will also act on your behalf at authorities’ offices, which saves your time. Do not therefore hesitate to regularly invest into a partnership with a lawyer, which will give you the opportunity to pay attention to your business in peace; this investment is sure to pay off for you. If a legal problem has already occurred, working together with a lawyer on its resolution is a necessity; we are also ready to help you in these cases. If the matter cannot be resolved out of court, we will represent you in court, in arbitration proceedings or in administrative proceedings.

We have extensive experience in providing legal services to housing cooperatives, unit owners associations and non-profit entities. If you belong to one of these categories, we are prepared to help you resolve your problems.

Offer for private individuals:

We are available to address all situations in civil, family, criminal and administrative law. We will help you resolve property relationships, family relationships, problems arising from contracts and relations with administrative authorities. These are usually complicated issues where it is necessary to have the appropriate knowledge as well as to comply with prescribed and time tested practices, which we will provide. Issues related to family law are sensitive and involvement of a third and impartial party with legal knowledge is very important. We will draft contracts for you, file petitions with courts or administrative authorities, we will negotiate on your behalf with the counterparty, at authorities’ offices, and if amicable means failed, we will represent you in court or before an administrative authority. We will also help you in the area of criminal law.

Offer for other entities:

We also provide legal services to various administrative authorities, particularly to local governments - municipalities and cities. If you belong to this category, we are prepared to help you solve your problems.