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Commercial company

The world around us is constantly in motion and you too must respond to the changed conditions. Or it is even better to create the conditions yourself beforehand. As the first step you decide to set up a commercial company. We will be happy to assist you with its founding and to arrange everything for you. Later it may happen that the existing arrangement is no longer appropriate and you want to make changes, such as changing the company’s registered office, expanding the scope of business, taking on additional partners or minimizing the number of partners, changing the statutory body and increasing or decreasing the registered capital. You may also discover an opportunity to merge with another company, de-merge, change the legal form, etc. We will discuss all possibilities with you and we will help you find the optimal arrangement for your business. We will take care of all legal aspects of organizational changes for you. We will prepare complete realization of mergers and acquisitions for you. We will provide a legal audit. We will deal with commercial registers and trade licensing offices.


If you choose to do business as a cooperative or to establish a housing cooperative, we are also prepared to provide you with legal services for these purposes, ranging from the preparation of all required founding documents, including the statutes, through to any changes in the cooperative. We will advise you how to act so that the cooperative works well even in the event of problems with your suppliers and cooperative members, and we can also represent you in these matters.

A well chosen legal foundation for your business will allow you to optimize your business.