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Law Firm Prague - Judicial, arbitration and insolvency proceedings

Defend yourself and enforce your rights

If the attempts to reach an amicable resolution fail, there is no choice but to enforce your rights through judicial or arbitration proceedings. It may also happen that a counterparty files a suit against you and you have no choice but to defend yourself. Being a party to proceedings is always complicated and requires knowledge of both the substantive law that regulates the given area as well as of the procedural law that regulates the judicial or arbitration proceedings. Resolving your problem effectively absolutely requires the participation of a legal representative, because given the complexity of the legal regulations, venturing into the conflict on your own is very unwise, risky and usually means a waste of time and the risk of losing the dispute. A lawyer will break down the case with you and will analyze the chance of success from the perspective of valid legislation and the evidence that is available, and will represent you in judicial or arbitration proceedings. We will help companies as well as citizens in the collection of their receivables as well as in the exercising of their rights.

Insolvency proceedings are a special type of procedure that is regulated by the Insolvency Act. We can also help you in insolvency proceedings. JUDr. Eva Winklerová was a bankruptcy administrator for over 10 years and can effectively help you if you get into bankruptcy, need to file an insolvency petition against a debtor, or need to register your claim into insolvency proceedings. Given the complexity, and the strictness of procedures and final deadlines, working together with a lawyer is very important.

Do not leave anything to chance in proceedings before a court or arbitrator or in insolvency proceedings.