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Law Firm Prague - European and international law

European law is diverse.

Be reasonably prudent in relations with an international element.

Even though the European Union promotes unifying elements into the legal systems of European countries, the legal systems of individual countries differ. If your activities cross the border, we can offer you representation in cooperation with our partner legal firms abroad. This cooperation is based on personal relations and has been successful. If you cooperate with foreign business partners, it is prudent to conclude written agreements and to agree in them which law will govern your relations and which court will rule in the matter in the event of a dispute; this is often forgotten and it is therefore useful to work with a lawyer already in the contract preparation stage. We are available to assist with these aspects. But you can also get into problems with an international element in ways other than doing business with foreign partners. We can help you in these cases as well. In the event of a dispute, we are prepared to represent you if the case will be handled by a Czech court. However, if authority and competence fall under a foreign court, and the dispute is to be handled by a court in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Romania, Hungary, USA, Argentina, Brazil or Morocco, where we have partner firms, the best solution is to transfer the case to a local lawyer who is familiar with the local laws and conditions. We will arrange this contact and representation within the RATIO LEGIS international network of business lawyers, of which we are a member.

Effectively deal with complex issues with an international element with the help of a lawyer.